What will the world look like in 100 years essay

In these greenhouses, the sea water will be converted to the drinkable one and will be used in cultivation. I see nations squabbling over water - that preciously scarce resource of the future.

Embedded computers According to futurologists Ian Pearson and Patrick Tucker, bythe human body will be embedded with computers, at least in a big part of the population. I know it is hard to be optimistic about the environment, seeing how the developed and developing countries are at loggerheads on issues of climate change and how to tackle it.

The technology though, I believe, can be developed in the future.

How Will The World Be Like in 100 Years?

Alaska gives a payment to every citizen that comes from oil revenues. Thus, the death would become an option… Brain-to-brain communication Brain-to-brain communication will be taken for granted by scientists. However, years in the future, I see countries utilizing clean energy wind energy, solar energy, nuclear energy, perhaps a new, clean, as-of-now unknown energy source -- as opposed to fossil fuels.

Moreover, a vast park of solar collectors, which could power the whole Europe, is to be created in the same area in the coming years. At present, such thermonuclear reactors such as in Princeton, USA are experimental, so we do not even know when and how they will be able to provide usable amounts of energy.

The reason for my optimism is that there is just no option before humans other than to switch to cleaner energy sources!! Is It Future Yet? I see that our consciousness continues to live on in the cyber world, far after we have gone in the physical sense.

She is passionate about learning new things and reflecting on thought-provoking ideas. However, scientists believe that the potential of solar energy and shale gas is likely to increase tremendously.

I see the most powerful countries dominating the world as being China, India, Brazil and Russia in that order. She writes about science, psychology and other related topics.

It is sure that there will be a way to influence neurons in the brain to increase the intelligence level and with the help of genetics, it will be possible to maintain the human body for many many years.

The local flora was decimated.

How the World Will Look in 100 Years

Anyone living from now may only know big animals such as the apes, chimpanzees, elephants, lions and tigers from books or whatever medium is current then. However, since the technological means to control the weather will be quite expensive, it is likely that they will be used only in special cases, for example, to avoid a severe natural disaster.

Things are not quite rosy here. I see that the United States is no longer the sole superpower of the world -- the most powerful country on Earth. Technology in a Years: Tweet this article Future citizens of the Earth may only know animals such as chimpanzees, elephants, and lions from books.

A hundred years into the future, therefore, I see vast expanses of land all over the worldwhere wind farming projects have come up providing sustainable renewable energy. I actually think that the environment would be in a far better place than it is right now.

Instead, humans will more likely connect directly to computers via their brains. Nuclear may yet see a renaissance, for example, as there are several technologies in the works to make nuclear plants safer and deal with the nagging problem of radioactive waste.

This is how the world might look in years from now, according to their publications in scientific journals. The deserts will become tropical forests Even now, leading teams of architects and engineers with the support of the European Union plan to create huge greenhouses in deserts like Sahara, in order to produce food, energy and water using new technologies.

This Is What Earth Will Look Like in 100 Years

There will be only three world languages: The day may actually come when humans wean themselves from fossil fuels. Primarily because of these advances, I see that the average age a person can live has stretched well beyond a Superhuman geniuses Advancements in genetic engineering and robotics will create human geniuses who will live forever.

Wikimedia Commons If humans continue to spew CO2 into the atmosphere at the same rate, global temperatures will rise anywhere from 3 degrees Fahrenheit to nearly 11 degrees in the next century.

Journeys into space for everyone Most futurists agree on this and believe that some kind of tourist resorts will be created in spacealthough they will be affordable only for wealthy people. NASA Even today, solar power is getting more competitive in the market with fossil fuels as photovoltaic technology improves.

The fact that all educated people in the world speak at least one of these languages will further contribute to this phenomenon. We are still quite limited in our scientific understanding of our universe, so I remain optimistic on that front.Learn how the world may look like in years, in terms of the environment, human society, and technologically.

MORE Comparing Two Or More Poems for a Literature Essay. by Andrew Spacey 6. Comments. "what will the world be like in years." Could they have imagined all the wonderful technologies we possess now in ? In 50 years we will have the ability to go outer space without need of all the training that astronauts nowadays require, and our cars will be nothing like how they are today because within 50 years the world as we know it will be completely different.

Your top 20 predictions on what the world will be like in years. Your top 20 predictions on what the world will be like in years. look for many more types of currency and exchange not.

years is an astounding amount of time. We usually look years into the future hoping that a century is good enough time for drastic changes to occur that will affect everyone in the world. While trying to predict in the future, a good pract. This Is What Earth Will Look Like in Years.

If we're lucky.

Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now

SARAH KRAMER, BUSINESS INSIDER. This is what Earth could look like within years if we do, barring huge leaps in renewable energy or carbon-capture technology. At the end of this century, we're already looking at a world that is on average 3 degrees or so. What Will the World Be Like Years from Now?

and the remaking of the world map. How might the world look to the denizens of ?

China's current boom towns of Guangdong and Shenzhen.

What will the world look like in 100 years essay
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