What two event cause tension and suspense in chapter 6 in of mice and men

After sizing up Lennie as a big guy but lacking in intelligence, Curley makes it a point to single out Lennie as someone who should speak when spoken to.

First, the boss questions whether or not George is using Lennie for his pay. Click the summary infographic to download.

Finally, George and Candy are paired. Candy and Crooksin particular, are characters separated from the others, Candy by old age and his handicap of only one hand, and Crooks because of his race.

Her grammar also leaves something to be desired. In addition to causing problems between the ranch hands and her husband, who has mandated that she not speak to anyone, she is fascinating to Lennie who sees only her prettiness and softness, not the danger she represents.

How does Steinbeck use suspense in Of Mice and Men?

He can hear Curley and the other men getting closer … closer … closer … As George tells the story, Lennie adds his usual details about tending rabbits and living off the fat of the land.

Lennie immediately feels the menace, and the reader sees Curley right away as a bully. First, the fact that two men traveling together is unusual reinforces that the life of a migrant hand in the s agricultural world is one of loneliness and rootlessness.

NEXT Lennie sits by the deep pool near the river, waiting for George and patting himself on the back a little for remembering that he was supposed to wait there. Lennie lies still in the sand, without quivering, dead. Aunt Clara gets grumpier, listing off all the boozing and women George could have had without Lennie.

These two are catalysts of fear each time they appear. The rabbit suggests that George will beat Lennie with a stick and then leave Lennie: Finally, in this chapter, Steinbeck has clearly delineated the lines of conflict — the menace coming from the evil and bullying of Curley and the seductive temptation of his wife.

Come on with me. Curley and his wife. Candy and Crooks represent another pair, because both are alienated from the others because of artificial barriers placed on them by society: Throughout this chapter, Steinbeck pairs up various characters and situations. Second, it provides insight into each of the characters asking the question.

George tells Lennie to look across the river while he narrates, like a kid saying, "You forgot the part when the alien space monsters come! The other men hear the shot and come running. While George can see the problems that may arise, Lennie can feel the menacing atmosphere.

Glossary whitewashed painted with a mixture of lime, whiting, size, water, etc. He alternately calls her a "tramp," "bitch," "jailbait," "poison," and a "rattrap.

He comes over to George quietly and sits close to him, saying simply, "Never you mind…A guy got to sometimes. Aunt Clara swears a surprising amount. While Carlson wants Slim to give Candy a pup to replace his old dog, George wants Slim to give Lennie a pup to take care of and pet.

George clearly sees the danger, however, and his immediate reaction to her is anger. On three different occasions, characters express suspicion of Lennie and George traveling together.

I swear you hadda. Carlson, however, lovingly cleans his gun and is animalistic and insensitive. Through the appearance of various characters, George and Lennie get a feeling for "the lay of the land.

Of Mice and Men

Both men are responsible and care for those unable to care for themselves: He tells George the two of them should go for a drink, and as he helps him up adds, "You hadda, George.

Lennie is thrilled to see George and begs him to give him hell, so that things can get back to normal. Curley, by his insinuation that the relationship is a sexual one, shows him to be base and cruel. Rather than question their economic relationship, Curley hints that they have a sexual relationship.

Could you be any more depressing? The characters at this ranch also are paired, sometimes for the similarities they share George and Candy, and Crooks and Candy ; sometimes for the differences Slim and Carlson. I wanna get outa here.

George is strangely quiet even when Lennie tells him that he has done yet another bad thing. George is a caretaker for Lennie, and Candy is a caretaker of his old dog.Start studying Of Mice and Men Chapter 6. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

Search. Lennie when he thinks about how much trouble he causes George. What does Aunt Clara say to Lennie. What does this Event foreshadow: Lennie breaks the. Transcript of How is tension created in chapter 2 of 'Of Mice and Men' How is tension created in chapter 2 of 'Of Mice and Men' Lesson objective:To explore how tension is created in 'Of Mice and Men.

Get an answer for 'How does Steinbeck create and sustain suspense while the men are waiting for the dog to be shot?Of Mice and Men' and find homework help for other Of Mice and Men.

"What Two Event Cause Tension And Suspense In Chapter 6 In Of Mice And Men" Essays and Research Papers What Two Event Cause Tension And Suspense In Chapter 6 In Of Mice And Men How Does Steinbeck Create Tension in Chapter Three in Of Mice and Men Steinbeck creates tension by making the atmosphere before Curley’s dog gets shot very awkward.

A summary of Section 6 in John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men. Learn exactly what happened in this chapter, scene, or section of Of Mice and Men and what it means. Perfect for acing essays, tests, and quizzes, as well as for writing lesson plans. Aug 25,  · So there is a lot of tension cause Lennie is a child in a mans body.

George has to continually watch over him and this causes stress therefore tension. George never knows when Lennie is gonna do something dumb to get them in trouble and this causes mint-body.com: Resolved.

What two event cause tension and suspense in chapter 6 in of mice and men
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