Thesis statement on airport security

However, is there any other reasonable alternative for preventing assaults on planes? Standard police observation techniques would also be taught, as well as more complex forms of data analysis.

Should Airport Security Checks Be So Detailed?

An argumentative essay makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence. The first force consists of the personnel members typically seen by the public policing and monitoring the terminals and other public areas in the airport, screening baggage and passengers through the use of x-ray imaging metal detectors, and random searches.

For example, specially trained dogs can smell explosives or armory lubrication, but it is doubtful passengers would like to be examined by such dangerous beasts. The TSA has managed to streamline and standardize security services and procedures across the United States.

They may be fanatical and violent, but they are far from stupid. Disregard is given to the personal or religious views of the individual EHRC, This is an illegal activity carried out by an agency reported, on various occasions, for its insensitivity when dealing with the travelers at airports.

The presumption of innocence is paramount to any democracy. Look at the lists of dangerous air cargo and the restrictions on liquids. From a practical viewpoint, every airport must have a point or points of entrance for its passengers, and the commonalities of these passengers makes the centralization of this entrance point ideal.

When four planes are hijacked and crashed in a single day, it is very clear that something must be done to improve security.

In a single day a splinter group of a religion of a nation whom we, yes I admit guilt, have been stepping on for years fought back.

Airport Security and Challenges

Though no other attacks or even attempted hijackings have been carried out in the years since the September 11 attacks, there have been several close calls involving people and devices that have managed to make it through several lines of security at domestic airports, illustrating the need for better -- and possibly more -- security in these structures.

The American government treats its citizenry and visitors with suspicion; hence, the need for strip-searches without basis. Though the rapid rate of technological development, especially in areas that are of specific relevance to security and access control, promises to play an ever-growing role in maintaining airport security, human observers are still necessary for the evaluation of technologically gathered information Diedam ; Klauser Though airplane flights are considered to be among the safest ways of traveling, they are usually connected to a number of risks aggravated by the vulnerability of the aircraft and its passengers.

Are these complaints justified or does security outweigh such concerns? Research suggests that airport body scanners are dangerous to your health because of ionizing radiation could be harmful to your health and is an invasion of your privacy.

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Though training of such individuals would be more specifically geared towards airport operations and procedures, their duties are actually largely the same as local police forces, and indeed airport security has often been examined and compared to urban policing Diedam ; Klauser ; Cate The overall physical layout and organization of the airport building s is also an essential security design feature, as is the passenger screening process which must occur prior to passengers and other personnel entering the main areas of the airport.

If something seems suspicious, officers take necessary measures to prevent possible acts of terrorism Transportation Security Agency. Arguably the most essential of these five components is the human security force employed in an airport; decision -- making and action on the ground is ultimately the only method of combating a security breach.

Security measures in airports—even the weirdest—have a strong rationale behind them. Recent events have clearly shown just how devastating a plane can be in the hands of a person unafraid of death, but where do we draw the line between security and a police state?

The operator of the machine sees the image of the individual on a monitor. Can you think of any ways that airport security could be improved in the future? The Transportation Security Administration has come out to support the safety measures imposed at airport terminals as safe for use and necessary to combat terrorism on American soil.

Sincenumerous research studies and explosives testing were conducted in order to determine what liquid quantities are safe to bring aboard an aircraft Transportation Security Administration.

It is indecent to compel a parent to allow their children to such risks. Here are some tips for writing a great paper. Most attention is on liquids and electronic devices.Identify the global societal problem within the introductory paragraph and conclude with a thesis statement that states your proposed solution(s) to the problem.

Essay Zoo. Hire A+ Writer! Airport Security: Background of the Problem, Solution (Essay Sample) Airport security is a global problem which has over years become a target for. Thesis Statement In the wake of 9/11, heightened security has been at the forefront of all airports around the globe.

Along with metal detectors, hand held wands and pat downs, many airports are installing full. Airport security services screen the insides of electronic devices to see if nothing was changed inside; airport security officers know how the insides of electronic devices should look like, so any discrepancies do not remain unnoticed.

Feb 13,  · I have a 7 page paper i am writing on issues in society. I have chose airport security and am not sure if my thesis statement is any good. This is Resolved. - Airport Security around the world is an integral part of the modern times, the global web of people traveling for fun, business, adventure, and commodities are a way of life for many.

Goods that were once scarce, or not available in certain parts of the world, merely twenty years ago for the general population are now easily attainable.

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Thesis statement on airport security
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