The objectives for doing absenteeism projects

Employee Absenteeism is the absence of an employee from work. Under this method, the investigator prepares a questionnaire containing a number of questions pertaining to the field of enquiry.

Secondary data Secondary data is the published data.

This method is highly The objectives for doing absenteeism projects where the direct personal investigation is not practicable either because the informants are unwilling or reluctant to supply the information or where the information desired is complex or the study in hand is extensive.

The success of this method depends upon the proper drafting of the questionnaire and the cooperation of the respondents. The records maintained by private firms or business houses who may not like to release their data to any outside agency are known as unpublished sources of collection of secondary data.

Measures to prevent strikes and lockouts have received far and greater attention. This study can be helpful to the management to improve its core weaknesses by the suggestions and recommendations prescribed in the project.

These publications of the various organisations are useful sources of secondary data. Under this method, the investigator directly contact the person and collect the information through questionnaire related to the data.

Under this method, the investigator presents himself personally before the informant and obtains first hand information. This method provides greater degree of accuracy. The observational method and survey research method is used to collect the primary data. As such the design includes an outline of what the researcher will do form writing the hypothesis and its operational implication to the final analysis of data.

Methods that can be used for collection of secondary data are as follows: One of the most significant factors: Absenteeism of employees from work leads to back logs, piling of work and thus work delay Absenteeism has been defined by various authorities. For the purpose of study, both primary and secondary data has been collected.

The mail source of secondary data are published market surveys, government publications advertising research report and internal source such as sales, sales records orders, customers complaints and other business record etc.

A satisfactory level of attendance by employees at work is necessary to allow the achievement of objectives and targets by a department. The necessary data has also been collected from official records and other published sources.

The collected data is classified, tabulated, analyzed and interpreted later. Includes the role of workers in terms of their responsibility towards industrial production. There are a number of national organisations and international agencies, which collect and publish statistical data relating to business, trade, labour, price, consumption, production, etc.

At present, organizations in India take real interest in controlling absenteeism. The need of this study can be recognized when the result of the related study need suggestions and recommendations to the similar situation.

Under this method the investigator, instead of presenting himself before the informants, contacts them on telephone and collects information from them.

It is already available for using and its saves time. Methods that can be used for collection of primary data are as follows: One reason for this situation may be that strikes and lockouts are more noisy and visible while absenteeism is silent and unnoticeable.

Aims and Objectives: What you want to achieve and how you will achieve it.

Determining the productivity and advancement of industries lies in the efficiency and experience of workers. The relevance of the study is that, now the company is facing a major issue of high rate of absenteeism and hope that the study will reveal the reason for it and thereby the organization can take effective measures for checking the absenteeism.A STUDY ON ABSENTEEISM.

Objectives of the Study Primary Objective: To examine the personal causes that give rise to absenteeism. To bring out the factors which. A study on employees absenteeism conducted at go go international pvt ltd Employees Absenteeism INTRODUCTION TITLE OF THE PROJECT: A study on “EMPLOYEES ABSENTEEISM’’ with special reference to GO GO INTERNATIONAL Pvt.

Ltd., HASSAN. HASSAN. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY 1. To identify the reasons for Absenteeism 2. To measure the. Chronic absence from work or other duty.

| Explore the latest articles, projects, and questions and answers in Absenteeism, and find Absenteeism experts. The objectives of this thesis were to examine how absenteeism is defined, the costs and causes of absenteeism, absence measurement and more specifically examining the effectiveness of various management strategies employed to.

Using KPIs to measure a project team's effectiveness determining the success of projects and project activities is a guessing game, with no way to quantify goal attainment. Absenteeism and.

a project report on employee absenteeism in it industries submitted by anna university: coimbatore (month and year.

The objectives for doing absenteeism projects
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