Spreadsheet coursework gcse

Press enter to save the changes. The cells should now be highlighted.

Constructing a spreadsheet

The first two columns Surname and Firstname have already been completed. If you purchase this product, you will also receive the original documents used to create the answers free of charge.

The answers to the similar but different task are presented as if they were being submitted for the real controlled assessment and meet all of the criteria in the mark scheme.

Make the correction and press enter on the keyboard to save the changes. Unit 2 Task 2 GameMaker Controlled Assessment Pack download sample Most students have never experienced creating a game, and nor have most teachers.

The file required for this task may be downloaded from here Part A Open the spreadsheet. Save the changes to the spreadsheet.

How spreadsheets work

You will save hours of re-inventing the wheel by using these resources. Change the number category to currency so the spreadsheet recognises this. The next booking discount is calculated as follows: Click cell D2, left-click the small black square in the bottom right corner and drag it down to cell D6.

Name the sheet Part B. Group Cost Add two further columns into the worksheet: Move the cursor across to cell D2 and then down to cell D6. Action Pursuits will exchange Sterling to Euro as follows: Release the left mouse button. A new screen appears, click the Number tab and click currency in the list.

This pack includes a skills building resource in the form of "similar but different tasks" including sample answers, clarified instructions to show students what not how to do for this task, a template to help students structure their design and evaluation and a checklist to help both students and staff check that all that is required has been completed.

However, all other documents including the similar but different answers can and should be shared with students.

Release the left mouse button and right-click on a highlighted cell. The formulae to calculate the bill should be automatically inherited from the cell above. This means the company is required to work in Euro as well as Sterling.

The formula can be written two ways, decide which one to use: Click cell C2 and hold down the left mouse button. Students then need to create their own website for e-art for the controlled assessment.

Use appropriate formulae to take the data and headings from the worksheet Income for the columns listed below. The sample model answers for the real controlled assessment are not available to students and must not be made available by teachers to students - they are for teachers only.

Task 2 Changing the category to currency The values stored in columns C and D are currency. Go to the worksheet called Euro. Name the sheet Part C. Calculate the figures for the following columns: Place the chart in a new sheet.


Choose appropriate data types and formatting for all the data. Validate the Number in Group column so that only the numbers 1 to 10 can be input. Task 1 The builder has just completed some work for Jason Williams.

Ensure that the data in the Next Booking Discount column is appropriately aligned. Double-click cell D2 to edit the formula. The similar but different tasks include instructions with screenshots to give guidance as to what has been done together with comprehensive guidance notes.

The model answers provided for the real controlled assessment are a sample and a guide to help teachers to understand how to do the tasks.Download the incomplete spreadsheet on the left and perform the tasks below.

To open it you will need a spreadsheet application, eg Microsoft's Excel, mint-body.com's Calc, Google Docs or another. 7 page revision sheets on spreadsheets.

Includes 10 quick revision questions at the end and includes a separate mark scheme. Feel free to edit the content of the document to suit classes needs and ability. Some content extracted from CGP GCSE ICT R /5(5).

Spreadsheet features: preform calculations and recalculations automatically. Allow results to be displayed in tabular or graphic format.

GCSE Maths Assessment Spreadsheet

Consist of a table divided into rows and coloumns to produce cells. Ict gcse coursework spreadsheet – Sanggar Liza Such individuals would custom coursework writing experts are there. Paragraph, depending on really need is time to cope with your gcse english coursework ICT Coursework Report: Spreadsheet System – GCSE ICT – Marked Extracts from this document Introduction.

OCR G Exemplar Coursework The school offers GCSE, A-Level and BTEC qualifications. There are many rooms on the campus, which are “special rooms” because of their facilities. For example, some The current system uses a variety of linked worksheets in a.

Many GCSE and A-level subjects are assessed in part by coursework in addition to exams, meaning that the mark you receive for coursework contributes to your overall grade.

You should also read 10 Ways of Thinking That Will Boost Your Academic Performance.

Spreadsheet coursework gcse
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