Spirituality and art essay

Although from a secular viewpoint spiritual concerns do not involve religious views about the supernatural, Spirituality and art essay spirituality should not be opposed to religious spirituality because they have shared concerns, even if the roots of their concerns are different.

Before looking at how spirituality is articulated in cultural life, it is imperative to set down its forms. Neshat seeks to liberate the female body from both Western stereotypes and the fundamentalist Islamic state of Iran.

Breath attempted to literalize the presence of religious chants from different religions—Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam—both visibly and audibly. He studied at Syracuse University in the early s and has had a central role in establishing the contemporaneity of video art and in expanding its possibilities through his innovative explorations of content and form.

Works are not necessarily commissioned to reflect Christian theology or to support the liturgy; they might indeed offer a critique of or challenge to Christian values, but the intention is to respond sensitively to the space in which the work will be contained, and to encourage spiritual reflection, even if this is not always in connection to religion.

As expounded by critics such as Clement Greenberg, 9 modernism extolled formalist values—purity, autonomy—and purged the artwork of external reference.

The Vassar has lightning obtruding from it and the figurines in the background are all that of superstitious being either being a direct decent of a religion or an ancient civilization. This does not devalue the experience but demonstrates the often personal and subjective nature of viewing, as well as the different ways of engaging with the spiritual.

When viewers talk about experiences of a spiritual kind, they are implying that there is a temporary alteration in their psychological state that involves the setting apart of that moment from the mundane, a making sacred. The relationship between art and religion was fractious; at times they were mutually reinforcing, while at others there was dissension because of the lack of unanimity about the image.

Performance art, as the name suggests, involves the artist as performer making the work, often through interaction with an audience and using his or her body as the platform of creativity.

From another point of view, it could be argued that by showing graphic cutouts of images that we would not conventionally place next to the Blessed Virgin, Ofili is actually reinforcing her sanctity and virginity.

As the drop emerges, it is magnified by a video camera and projected onto a large screen. Personal use only; commercial use is strictly prohibited.

Spirituality and Contemporary Art

The audience, too, was rendered abject—morally abject—by their complicity in their objectifying and dehumanizing actions. The work of Neshat and Houshiary represents a snapshot of the many voices of postcolonialism: Grey interpretation of spirituality in which his pieces show that his definition comes from the human body and key charka elements.

A lack of openness to the particular artwork, or indeed art in general, will not be conducive to spiritual feelings.

Spirituality in Art

A shift of context may alter the reading of a work. Themes of interest include the War on Terror, the fragility of the body, consumerism, and human rights.

These are transgressive because they cross the boundaries of what is deemed acceptable to religious groups and lead to ramifications that include their banning or destruction.

He weeps for you demonstrates this synchronicity of the viewer, the objects, and the spatio-temporal projection. A fellow pioneer active at the same time was Walter Hussey, an Anglican patron of the arts at St. Although it should not be presented as a singularly secularizing trend, it can be seen in terms of a spiritual and transcendental experience.

I am the object.

Suspended above the altar, the work depicts folds of cloth that are separated from the wearer. This symbol is strengthened by the presence of another stock symbol, a gun.Spirituality in Art “Spirituality is such a vibrant and integral part of our lives that even our changing times and all the apparent obstacles have not stifled the powerful partnership of spirituality and art in the modern era” Lynn M.


Spirituality and Art

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Only at mint-body.com". The Material Nature of Spirituality Essay examples - The Material Nature of Spirituality It was observed from the 'time to think' experiments done in Biology lab, that thinking is material. Thinking was associated with material changes and activities in the brain and the connected nervous system.

“Spirituality is such a vibrant and integral part of our lives that even our changing times and all the apparent obstacles have not stifled the powerful partnership of spirituality and art.

 Spirituality-A Way Of Life Maitri Tanna D.J Sanghvi College of Engineering, University of Mumbai Abstract Spirituality - The word is more than just following a particular religion or being bounded by thoughts of particular people. It is an art of knowing one's inner self and the true soul lying inside the materialistic mind.

Spirituality and Contemporary Art Rina Arya The relationship between art and spirituality has been historically mediated through the relationship between art and religion, something which has been periodically problematic throughout the centuries.

See Greenberg’s essay “Modernist Painting,” in Art in Theory –

Spirituality and art essay
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