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It is not a secret that those space planes that can take off like an airplane and can fly to orbit have always been a dream of a number of space engineers and science fiction writers. In recent years it has become increasingly recognised that, although government space agencies are not interested in space tourism, it is a legitimate objective of space development - and it is likely to generate substantial investment funds that will help to develop space.

XCOR expect to roll out the first Lynx prototype and begin flight tests inbut as of lateXCOR was unable to complete their prototype development and filed for bankruptcy.

Space Travel essay

The vehicle will use a parachute for descent but will probably use retrorockets for final touchdown, according to remarks made by Armadillo Aerospace at the Next Generation Suborbital Researchers Conference in February The cost of space tourism has not deterred enthusiasts from undertaking it.

Byspace tourism was thought to be one of the earliest markets that would emerge for commercial spaceflight.

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Consequently, inspace tourism was resumed. He spent 8 days on the ISS. In his article, Williscroft while admitting that space travel is dangerous debates as to how it is necessary for the survival of the human race. That is why space tourism will be one of the highly-valued industries in the nearest future.

The entire process of signing up took two years. As on Earth, so in Space On Earth governments provide a number of services, defence, police, a legal system. His company, Bigelow Aerospacehas already launched two first inflatable habitat modules.

Rick Tumlinson of the Space Frontier Foundationfor example, has said: Sub-orbital space tourism[ edit ] See also: Because of this rapid flight rate, Lynx has fewer seats than SpaceShipTwo, carrying only one pilot and one spaceflight participant on each flight.

Today it is one of the main goals of scientists and engineers to develop low-cost reusable space crafts which could have all the necessary characteristics for safe space travel Space Vehicles.

And to make it cheap we need large turnover. The author of the novel proves the fact that people are becoming dependent on technology. Passengers were located in six sections, each with windows and its own loading ramp, and with seats in different configurations for launch and landing.

The writer manages to show the problems of futuristic world where technology has made it possible to merge together both telecommunications and electronics into the human mind.

It is known that inthe Russian Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first human being who travelled in outer space in a mission which lasted just 1 hour and 48 minutes.

American motel tycoon Robert Bigelow has acquired the designs for inflatable space habitats from the Transhab program abandoned by NASA. According to the research, there are a lot of interesting projects developed by the scientists, engineers and programmers from all over the world. The new innovation technologies that will be developed by our contemporaries in the nearest future can completely change the life on our planet and provide the way into space.

Most people on our planet are sure that it is impossible to live happily without technology. The goal is to fly citizen-science experiments and citizen explorers who travel free who will act as payload operators on suborbital space missions. In the book Future Hype:Space tourism involves travelling in to the space by people for leisure, adventure or investment by established space tourism businesses.

It is an expensive undertaking that satisfies the curiosity of people regarding how the space looks like.

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Virgin Galactic is one of the emerging companies that. Tourism is a worldwide popular love exploring different places by going to destinations which are alien to them. Their are various forms of tourism like ecotourism, cultural tourism, medical tourism ete.

Key Notes: Space Tourism is the term that's come to be used to mean ordinary members of the public buying tickets to travel to space and.

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At one time it would have been impossible to think of ordinary people buying tickets to travel to space and back. But today it is happening and it is called space tourism.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie, ‘Total Recall’ had space tourism as a central theme. Such tourism however is the privilege of the hugely wealthy for [ ].

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Sep 21,  · Learn the latest news about space tourism and space tourist trips into outer space. looks at the growing business of space tourism.

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Key Notes: Space Tourism is the term that's come to be used to mean ordinary members of the public buying 5/5(1).

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