Reflection paper on intramural meet

The Importance of Intramurals or Sports Fests in Schools

It can help you realize what kind of people you will work We will write a custom essay sample on Intramural Reflection Essay or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste. Mathematics and science help students to enhance their reasoning, English helps hone and polish verbal and written communications, social studies promote socialization and awareness, and physical education encourages students to have holistic and active lifestyles and practice the arts of winning, losing, and teamwork.

Losses teach students to rebound stronger next time, practice craft, and learn from mistakes, while wins teach students to never rest on their laurels but to keep practicing, and always maintain a fighting form.

Some games would take a long time so you had to be somewhat conditioned.


It depends on the kid and the sport. Playing sports teach students to refrain from boastful arrogance and instead to learn to be realistic and humble. School provides a means of molding students into capable employees or professionals in their chosen fields.

In other words, participating in physical education provides invaluable life skills. We had all three of us guys from our last team but got a new group of girls to help us out.

What Do You Think? Contact Author Sports Fest, Sports Day, Field Day An event often sponsored by a school in which participants often students compete via or take part in sports, perhaps for trophies or prizes.

The ability to work well with others can lead to job security and promotions. Intramural Reflection Essay - Paper Example Intramural Reflection Essay Intramural Reflection During the first block of intramurals I participated in 5 different sports but decided that indoor volleyball would be the best one to reflect upon - Intramural Reflection Essay introduction.

When it comes to a component of fitness, I would have to say we hit on muscular strength and endurance the most. As I said before we got a new set of girls on our team so we all got to meet more people.

You learn many things when you play intramurals such as how competitive you are, or anyone else for that matter. In real work environments, team skills are some of the most valuable attributes an employee can have.

The ability to accept defeat gracefully is a sign of maturity and a requisite skill for success.

Intramural Reflection Essay

I think playing on an intramural team definitely has a positive effect on those who are Physical Education majors. The ability to bounce back strong from a fall will able students to experience personal triumph and immense joy.

This was probably the best team that I was a part of because we took 3rd in the Division 1 league. Otherwise you need strength to explode to the ball or dive around to try and make a save.

They all had played in high school and still play often now, so we were happy to get them to say the least. Intramurals Are the Perfect Opportunity to Highlight Camaraderie, Sportsmanship, and Talent School is a place where students are nurtured toward becoming responsible and productive members of society.

In other words, sports build strong bonds within the community.Intramural definition, involving only students at the same school or college: intramural athletics.

See more. Reflection Paper: Intramurals Intramurals had the theme of: "Four Teams. One Goal. One Epic Olympics." This years event marks my first Intramurals as a student of UP Cebu. I was so excited for this event because in my previous school we didn't have the facilities for sports so, our intramurals had very limited activities.

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One of my favorite things recreational & intramural sports offer is round-robin tournaments. It is one of the most popular types of tournaments that are offered. Save Paper; 3 Page. Oct 22,  · The Importance of Intramurals or Sports Fests in Schools. Updated on October 4, Gener Geminiano.

more. Are Intramural Sports and Sports Fests Important? What Do You Think? Yes! Sports are an extremely important part of a child's education!

Maybe. It depends on the kid and the mint-body.coms: Intramural activities emphasize group spirit and the enjoyment of sports in a less competitive context. A Reflection Paper: Intramurals Intramurals had the theme of: "Four Teams.

One Goal. One Epic Olympics." recreational, social and competitive on-campus sports activity. It is also a great way to meet new people. Intramural Sports Intramurals are an organization of sports teams created for students who seek the opportunity to play sports.

Involvement in intramurals gives the chance to not only play sports that are enjoyable, but also the opportunity to meet new people and develop a relationship with them.

One way that many people get involved is.

Reflection paper on intramural meet
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