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The Editor-in-chief will be responsible for the peer review and decisions on acceptance of manuscripts, while production, marketing and publishing of the journal will be handled by De Gruyter.

This is our second year of association with Ochre Media Pvt.

Journal of Pulp and Paper Science

For a start up company like us in this part of the world it has been truly remarkable that the advertisement we have posted has reached so many industrial experts within such short period of time. We would like to extend a warm thanks Bo Westerlind for his short but very professional and dedicated time with us at NPPRJ and we wish him all possible success in his future career.

And that is good for both buyers and suppliers! We have been receiving enquiries from different corners of the globe and we truly find our investment worthwhile. Your follow up calls and your concern in addressing enquiries to clients are quite systematic.

PAPCEL has been active in papermaking industry since During the last ten years we have carried out a vast array of projects the value of which exceeded EUR 40 million We belong to suppliers of complete paper mills and we are able to offer our customers a wide range of highly appreciated servic.

The site offered us a good opportunity to get noticed at the international horizon.

About TAPPI Journal

We are convinced that this is a perfect development for the Journal where we can get access to a modern editorial system and be part of a larger publishing company with a better spreading of the journal, while preserving our ability to control the scientific content and the peer review of the manuscripts submitted to the journal.

Looking forward to continue this fruitful business relationship. We hope to attract an even larger number of papers that can allow us to widen the scope of the journal to be more dedicated to fit a broad biorefinery concept. It is important to emphasize that the regularly newsletter gives an excellent additional value to this information platform.

Management of manuscripts will be handled through an online processing system used by De Gruyter. To learn more about becoming a Peer Reviewer, simply visit our Peer Reviewer page for more information.

Hyderabad and we wish to continue in the same fervour. Director The website of Pulp and Paper Technology is a really handsome, easy-to-use platform for our sector. The ownership of the journal still remains with Mid Sweden University and the ten universities that are presently members of the Editorial Board will remain with the same responsibilities and authorities as before regarding the scope and contents of the Journal, including the appointment of the Scientific Board and the Editor-in-chief.

A stringent peer-review process and distinguished editorial board of academic and industry experts set TAPPI Journal apart as a reliable source for impactful basic and applied research and technical reviews.

Erwin Polmann - Papiertechnische Stiftung Public Relation We all know that the internet contains a lot of useful information, but also a lot of non-relevant information. Marcel Lensvelt - Feltest Equipment BV Managing Director Internet portals and forums are becoming more and more important and having an established and respected platform such as Pulp and Paper Technology means that we can participate with confidence that a quality brand such as ours is receiving the attention for which we are looking.

It helped us in increasing our reach to the interested persons in pulp and paper particularly in handmade paper and products.

Available at no charge to TAPPI members, each issue of TAPPI Journal features research in pulp, paper, packaging, tissue, nonwovens, converting, bioenergy, nanotechnology or other innovative cellulosic-based products and technologies.

Therefore the Pulp and Paper Technology website has so much added-value for both buyers and suppliers in the Paper industry.

In addition to adding to your knowledgebase, TJ submissions often provide a first-look into the latest research on processes and products in the pulp and paper industry, as well as related fields such as nanocellulose, biorefinery and nonwovens.

For the time being, the email addresses of NPPRJ to which manuscripts should be sent remain the same. If you know exactly what you are looking for there is usually no problem finding it. Benefits of Being a Peer Reviewer While serving as a Peer Reviewer can take time, it offers many outstanding benefits for your career, including helping to build your reputation as an expert in your chosen field, and increasing your professional exposure by establishing relationships with reputable colleagues.Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada (PAPTAC) is a Canadian-based non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the technical and professional capabilities of its members worldwide, and to the advancement of the pulp and paper industry.

Exfor, TECH courses, Journal of Pulp and Paper Science (JPPS), Association technique des pâtes et papier du Canada, ATPP. Nordic Pulp & Paper Research Journal (NPPRJ) is an international scientific magazine covering science and technology for the areas of wood or bio-mass constituents, pulp and paper and including new fiber-based materials, recovery and by-products from pulping processes, bio-refining and energy issues.

Available at no charge to TAPPI members, each issue of TAPPI Journal features research in pulp, paper, packaging, tissue, nonwovens, converting, bioenergy, nanotechnology or other innovative cellulosic-based products and technologies.

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Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and Technology

Browse by: Name; Country; Journal of Pulp and Paper Science. Published by the Pulp and Paper Technical Association of Canada visit website. Canada, Fibre Expression. Pulp and Paper industry magazine of the Province of Quebec Pulp & Paper Technology. The Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and Technology is an organized compilation covering international patent and journal literature related to pulp and paper technology.

Each issue of the Abstract Bulletin of Paper Science and Technology contain approximately 16, records in each monthly issue, which are pulled from the most current data from PaperChem. Pulp and Paper Technology, the leading B2B portal in pulp and Paper industry provides digital/advertising strategies for Big Picture Results.

Pulp and paper technology journal
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