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Formative assessment Students are given a multiple choice moodle quiz — which focuses on the 8 topics which have been covered so far. In addition the patchwork requires a collaborative, social element, such that the learner aligns, develops and challenges their-own understandings.

So, lacking sufficient time, they panic. For example, of our respondents, A few students found it very difficult to get beyond the frustration of having to keep the word count at words per entry, but fortunately these were in the minority, and hopefully this is something that we can work on addressing as the project moves forwards.

That said, this forced me to be concise and helped me to focus closely upon the salient points. First, it enhances collaboration in the production of activities, the formulation of views and positions and the formation of arguments. The essay presents learning as an authoritative "product", rather than the gradual process by which new learning is assimilated, through reading, discussion and personal reflection.

This time pressure makes it difficult for students not only Patchwork text essay create their own sense of the relationships between a variety of new ideas, but to embody this new understanding in a written text.

I would like to know how to get student to use this assessment type more effectively. Having a restricted word count for each entry made the research more vital to certain key areas of the weeks lecture.

In addition to the quantitative data we have collected, we also have over words of qualitative feedback, and we are now getting clearer picture of how these students feel about this type of assessment.

After four years of working with patchwork it has been useful to, albeit casually, review my own understanding. In her use of the method McKenzie captures this immersion of self in to learning by the additional learning outcome added to an existing module: And although the best students did well in all the varied writing tasks, the weaker students did better in some than others, suggesting the patchwork text has a genuine potential for widening access to higher education success.

Patchwork Text – reviewing my own understandings

One theme that has begun to emerge from the qualitative data is that patchwork text assessment can be difficult, especially at first, because the low word count for the individual entries means that students have to write in a very concise, precise and focused way.

Formative assessment Students work in small groups respond to Moodle forum questions- there will approximately 4 questions covering new topics taught in semester 2Students receive feedback from peers and informal feedback from tutor.

Fourth, the essay requires a specific style of writing, and, for many students, this style is difficult and alien, especially those returning to formal learning after a substantial break and those who are first-generation participants in higher education.

However, this forced me to think about the topic a lot more, and I found that it really helped with learning about each topic. For students who work best on with exams, they have the opportunity to be tested through quizzes and their responses to forum questions.

They may include, for example: In this way they "stitch the patches together". Students have the opportunity to edit and revise their previous responses- patches The media may be seen to enhance two particular strands of the patchwork approach.

Alternative to the essay

Moreover, in one detailed comparison of two cohorts of students, using intellectual criteria derived from the essay format, students writing patchwork texts scored better than students writing essays, according to some criteria, and no worse according to any of them.

So far, participants have taken part in the project, which involves students from three Fine Art modules at levels 4 and 5. First, it has to be undertaken at the end of the course, when only a few weeks remain before the assignment deadline. It must include academic literature and theory relating to their multiple choice and their forum responses.

It has enabled me to pinpoint exactly what my work is about.Patchwork Text. Patchwork Analysis Eavan Boland’s unique poem, Patchwork, The writer's aim in this type of essay is to pick a theme from a text or movie and write about what that theme does for the story or what that theme makes the reader realize about that story and/or life itself.

The best way to come up with such an argument and. The advantages of the Patchwork text over the essay are argued in the light of general theories of the nature of learning.

Introduction The Patchwork Text, as an innovatory coursework assignment format, is intended as a practical response to current anxieties about assessment problems in higher education. ‘The Patchwork Text’ research project was an attempt to overcome the various forms of alienation that generally beset students' academic work, by bringing more closely together course design, teaching and assessment.

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Collaborative Practise: The patchwork text. Throughout the past year and a half I have experienced and provided a wide variety of both clinical and holistic care to women, their families and newborns within the acute /5(1).

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