Longitudinal multiple case study design

It is essential that the methods of data collection and recording are identical across the various study sites, as well as being standardised and consistent over time. We could, for example, look at age, gender, income and educational level in relation to walking and cholesterol levels, with little or no additional cost.

These people were traced, and the cause of death was ascertained for those who had died. Patients in whom the disease remits without residual disability a third do not continue to attend that clinic.

This may be extrapolated to critically assess a proposed study design. Additional depth of quality assessment is available through the use of various tools developed alongside the Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials CONSORT guidelines, including a structured point checklist proposed by Tooth et al.

An original cohort of 5, subjects from Framingham, Massachusetts between the ages of 30 and 62 years of age was recruited and followed up for 20 years. It is furthermore essential to appropriately weigh the various measures, and classify these accordingly so as to facilitate the allocation effort at the data collection stage, and also guide the Longitudinal multiple case study design of possibly limited funds 3.

For example, patients presenting with asthma to a respiratory physician are likely to have a different prognosis from those seen in general practice. These include vital events registered with the General Register Office for Northern Ireland such as births, deaths and marriages and the Health Card registration system migration events data.

Events Study Designs This short article gives a brief guide to the different study types and a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages. The defined outcome of CSCs role is an increased number of residents participating in local sports facilities and being physically active in their own neighbourhood.

The two groups are then followed up prospectively, and the incidence of disease in each is measured. How likely is it that he will be fit to return to his job, and how soon?

Census information is also included for all people living in the same household as the LS member. In developing ideas about the fetal origins of coronary heart disease, it was possible to find groups of men and women born in the county of Hertfordshire before whose fetal and infant growth had been documented.

Longitudinal study

They are generally observational, however, may also be experimental. A significant reduction in the percentage of the population contracting one or more chronic diseases is possible by tackling and preventing physical inactivity, which is the fourth leading independent risk factor for death caused by non-communicable chronic disease [ 5 ].

An example would be a study on the benefits of jogging. Transferal of patients is limited because, amongst other things, patients prefer to stick in the known and secure environment of the primary care sport facilities instead of participating in unknown or untried local facilities [ 1923 ].

Allowance can be made for suspected confounding factors either by matching the controls to the exposed subjects so that they have a similar pattern of exposure to the confounder, or by measuring exposure to the confounder in each group and adjusting for any difference in the statistical analysis.

Think of it in terms of taking a snapshot. Abstract Background The number of people with one or more chronic diseases is increasing, but this trend could be reduced by promoting physical activity.

Such studies may be purely descriptive or more analytical. These studies are dynamic, and necessitate regular updating of procedures and retraining of contributors, as dictated by events.

Then they would set up a longitudinal study to study cause and effect. One is certainly not better than the other. Retrospective studies are designed after at least some participants have already experienced events that are of relevance; with data for potential exposures in the identified cohort being collected and examined retrospectively.

Instead of collecting data over time on a single variable, a cross-section is framed, allowing a researcher to see differences among population subsets in several categories.

Observational study For observational study the main types will then depend on the timing of the measurement of outcome, so our third question is:In some case studies, an in-depth longitudinal examination of a single case or event is used. The multiple-case design, on the other hand, can be adopted with real-life events that show Careful design of a case study is therefore very important.

This is because case study method. Sep 19,  · Following adequate design, the launch and implementation of longitudinal research projects may itself require a significant amount of time; particularly if being conducted at multiple remote sites.

Time invested in this initial period will improve the accuracy of data eventually received, and contribute to the validity of the results.

Cross-sectional vs. longitudinal studies

Download a PDF by Jeremy Howick about Study Designs. Our first distinction is whether the study is analytic or non-analytic.

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A non-analytic or descriptive study does not try to quantify the relationship but tries to give us a picture of what is happening in a population, e.g., the prevalence, incidence, or experience of a group. Descriptive studies include case reports, case.

A cross-sectional study, the not-so-distant cousin to longitudinal, is intended to compare multiple population groups at a single point in time. Instead of collecting data over time on a single variable, a cross-section is framed, allowing a researcher to see differences among population subsets in several categories.

A case study is a methodological approach that involves the in-depth exploration of a specific bounded system, utilizing multiple forms of data collection to systemically gather information on how the system operates or functions.

Methods and design. To study the role and the impact of CSCs, a longitudinal multiple case study will be conducted, in nine municipalities spread .

Longitudinal multiple case study design
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