How to write alt text for seo

Alt attributes are only part of the accessibility picture, but they can both help and hurt. Even perfectly optimized alt attributes will not have enough prominence to make a difference.

You can occasionally see the ALT text that you apply to an image in two scenarios: The benefit is huge: Keep it short by describing how to write alt text for seo focal points of the image: The next best thing you can do is to use the Image Caption feature which adds a bit of text directly below the image.

And there you have it! The three exceptions to this rule are: When is ALT text not needed? When you add an image to a Plone page but forget to publish the image.

How to Write SEO Friendly Alt Text for Your Images

Getting that fine line of descriptive precision is something of a skill or an art form to master. Poorly written, ambiguous, or irrelevant ALT text can actually worsen understanding of a page and cause confusion.

The picture is of a postgraduate engineering student working in the new electron microscope lab. When you add an image into a web page you have the option of adding alternative ALT text See Adding Images for instructions.

Considerations when writing alt text

On the flip side, it is possible to overwhelm someone with too much descriptive text. Your website will be accessible to all: Your images can be found on Google: When published, images on Medium are img elements without the altattribute but with the text featured below.

Imagine having to sit through a slow reading of something like this just to understand that there are four navigational links in a menu: ALT text is hidden to most website visitors.

This is a handy feature to be aware of and to use when attaching an image as without, a lot of folks might miss out on your great content! Without this attribute, you risk running into some issues: Your website will have a better SEO: When appropriate, set its value to a descriptive and concise text alternative.

If you have trouble navigating your site, chances are an impaired customer will have even more trouble with it.

Nobody including search engines wants to see this: Search engines tend to perceive websites with SEO friendly images as more optimized.

As a photographer, your keywords will likely include: Hopefully Medium will add full support for proper alt text soon. Here are three common situations to consider if alt text should be added or if the altattribute should be set as empty.

Instagram Instagram also has no official means of adding alt text to its images, which is too bad considering the main purpose of the site is to share and enjoy image based content. Often images or diagrams are used to reinforce understanding and do not necessarily provide any additional information.

This is used to gain a clear picture no pun intended of the content being served in order to provide accurate search results. If your platform of choice officially supports adding alt text to images, please remember to use these features whenever you upload a photo in order for everyone to take part and enjoy!

Set your article to Edit mode Mouse hover the image to highlight and then click the image When the option to add a caption appears, write or paste in the text describing the image in the caption section. Alt text allows search bots to understand your images, the context in which they are placed, and thus index them more accurately.

With this in mind, how do we take our alt text content and add it to product images or images in our theme within Shopify? Commas will add a short break in between announcing content. And like any other content on your site, it should be well written and constructed, ready for consumption.

For assistive technology users Alt text provides people with visual impairments the ability to participate in consuming non-text content.Alt text (aka "alt tags" or "alternative text") is so important for image SEO!

Here are some examples of how to do it right. Finally find out what to write in that image alt text box. Apr 11,  · That uncertainty is soon to be history, as this post is going to cover some basic tips and concepts on how to write alt text that improves SEO, provides context when images do not load on a page, and communicates the image to a blind or low vision user using a screen-reader.

Don’t know what alt-text is?Occupation: Associate Product Manager. ALT tags or ALT attributes are "alternative text " for an image. ALT tags are used to describe the image or what the image is representing.

One of the main purposes of ALT tags is for the benefit of visually impaired users who use screen readers when browsing. Don 't write ALT tags just for SEO.

Writing effective ALT text

ALT tags should be written with the user in. Be sure to add alt text to every image you use, and make sure the alt text includes the SEO keyword for that page (if appropriate) and relates to and/or describes the image. When hovering over an image, IE shows the alt text as a ‘tooltip’. alt text and SEO Google’s article about images has a heading “Create great alt text”.

This is no coincidence because Google places a relatively high value on alt text to determine not only what is on the image but also the topic of the surrounding text.

Now, that being said, Alt text not being meant as an SEO tool does not mean you can't use your keywords in this text. Since alternative text is important and required on images, search engines are unlikely to penalize you for putting keywords there if the content you add makes sense.

How to write alt text for seo
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