How to write a music event press release

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How To Write An Event Press Release + Free Template

Ticketbooth is a groundbreaking online ticketing provider. So pick up that pen or open up that laptop and get writing! They need to know how they will benefit by attending.

The boilerplate statement follows the body. Email and digital press releases have changed this, but it is a good rule to follow. Think for a moment about what a journalist do. It means that you can be creative with your news, helping your story to stand out from the other thousands of stories that journalists receive every day.

Use Title Case for your headline. The difference between Rolling Stone music editorial staff and the La Crosse Tribune music editorial "staff" person is one of them has a backlog of tens of thousands of CDs waiting to be reviewed and the other is in constant need of material.

How To: Write A Press Release

What makes your band unique? Here, you can include the background of the event such as information on how it came about, how long it has been running and why the event was created.

Sample of a normal link: Finally, the press release should include contact information. It is not meant to give every detail, it covers the basics, and the most common press release errors many people make.

It is always a good idea to invite the media or to do something just for them. Your personal use of press releases will depend in large part on your media contacts, the types of content you typically produce, and your level of recognition within your community.

Use a professional tone without jargon in your writing. Fresh copy keeps your reader reading to the end. The fewer the links the more value they have. The same is true for a company — you can explain what the company does in a little more detail.

You can explain the news in more depth as you draft other paragraphs but start out with the vital statistics or key facts and delve into the detail later. This is a short description at the end of a press release that you can include in your Notes to Editors.

It can be something like: Just a simple line space will suffice. In addition to being embarrassing, this is an excellent way to harm your reputation. This part of the press release can be a bit more descriptive than previous sections. Try to pitch the press release to bulletins and announcement sections as these are usually the sections most accommodating of publishing upcoming events.

Obviously, if you have received zero press, then it may be worth your while to book some shows at well-respected venues in small towns and contact the local newspaper.

Sending it too early might mean readers forget about the event before it happens, while sending it too late might prevent people from attending it due to conflicting activities.

Remember these rules and you will do well. In doing so, you will increase the chances that it will be picked up by a journalist, and decrease the likelihood that it will alienate readers. Some music editors especially the older ones do ask for you to mail your CD to them, but many are ok with a BandCamp link.

In other words, they should know exactly what they will get from reading your press release, and what topics the press release covers.

8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release

They are boring to read by the majority of the public.How to Write a Press Release for the Music Industry. Home | Articles Today the traditional press kit still has its place. So, knowing how to write (and/or post) a professional press release can help you get the word out about what's going on with your music career.

Event or information in proximity to their coverage area ; Layout and. Don't be ignored by press – use these four tips to craft your own punchy press release and start getting serious ink.

Dear Bands, Here's How to Write a Damn Press Release Sonicbids Blog. Regardless of how they listen to your music, they all want a press release. A press release is a one-page, objective (ish) fact sheet illuminating the who what where why and when of your event. In the music business, the press release (or news release) is a common tool used to bring an artist or business 'free' publicity.

Find out here how to write and send your own press release. This will teach you how to write and format an effective press release for an upcoming event or newsworthy item in your music career in 8 simple steps.

8 Simple Steps to Formatting a Proper Press Release. Event Press Release. Jump right to the 'Sample Event Press Release Template' Out off all the press release types we get, 'Event Press Releases', contain the most mistakes.

How to Write a Killer Event Press Release

Below you'll find directions on how to write an 'Event Press Releases'.

How to write a music event press release
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