How do i use the distributive property to write an equivalent expression

So words such as factor, addend, difference, product should be part of the conversation. How so you multiply using the distributive property? If you are not, you can go through: Here is how to multiply using the distributive property: When we go over solutions, I will look for students who initially re-wrote the problem as a sum and for those who did not.

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The Distributive property

Substitutes four for x and evaluates the expression. NEXT We can work the distributive property in reverse—we just need to check our rear view mirror first for small children. The next page has some equations and algebraic expressions to solve. How much did she earn in these two days?

Explain the usefulness of factoring by guiding the student through problem 2. Click here for a refresher. I hope that students can apply what they have learned to multiple addends. If needed, I will make up another similar problem using the area model. Introduction 10 minutes I will begin with the essential question: Some students will want to simply solve expressions using the order of operations or mentally.

Expand Expressions Using the Distributive Property

Then evaluate each expression using the order of operations rules to show that the expressions are equivalent. The distributive property is multiplication. It may be helpful to model an simpler problem using color tiles to reach students who may need a concrete model.

When you multiply factors together, you should find the original expression.

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When do you use the distributive property when solving equations? Look for and make use of structure. What do you think the parentheses mean? The distributive property of multiplication deals with multiplyingacross a set of parenthesis.

In question 3, students examine the matched expression and work to explain how the distributive property was used to expand the expression.

How do you rewrite expressions using the distributive property? Not simplifying.

I hope students solve a problem like 11, using mental math. To find the greatest common factor for an expression, look carefully at all of its terms.

These factorizations are both correct. This is a simple example:. Questions Eliciting Thinking What does it mean for expressions to be equivalent? Use that number of copies powers of the variable.

Generating Equivalent Expressions

The distributive property is when you take you number is share it with all the other numbers in the parenthesis. Divides one of the terms, 16, by 4. Or at least they were a few years ago. Can you explain the Distributive Property? Explain how you can use the distributive property to write the expression 3x2 6x as the product of a monomial and a polynomial answer as soon as u can?

How is this property used? Then take the sum of those two products. When we factor an expression, we want to pull out the greatest common factor. For each variable, find the term with the fewest copies.

Simplifying Using the Distributive Property Lesson

Therefore, -5 is your answer!How do you use distributive property to write 4d+8 an an equivalent expression was asked by Shelly Notetaker on May 31 students have viewed. Which expression is equivalent to 9(6 + x + 2)?

Use the Distributive Property to write and simplify an expression for how much farther the cheetah can run in 10 seconds. GEOMETRY Use the Distributive Property to write and simplify an expression for the area of the rectangle.

You need to use the distributive property a(b + c) = ab + ac. and vice versa ab + ac = a(b + c) Let's do the first expression. 7r + 8r + 2. As you can see in first two terms r is common so take out common. Sep 22,  · Use the distributive property to write an equivalent variable expression means what?

math homework is soo frusteratin! i dont know how to do the distributive property to write an equvalent variable on those problems there above!!!!! Source(s): distributive property write equivalent variable expression means what: https://biturl Status: Resolved.

Use the distributive property to write an expression equivalent to 6(24). - Videos and solutions to help Grade 6 students model and write equivalent expressions using the distributive property. They move from a factored form to an expanded form of an expression.

How do i use the distributive property to write an equivalent expression
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