Globalization of culture diversity or homogenizization essay

In the process of economical and cultural globalization, neoliberalism has been widely spread. It had high click rating in the YouTube and achieved a great success in the world wide media industry. In all, cultural diversity still exist between different cultures, the concept of globalization could not be totally equal to the cultural homogenization and cultural diversity still exist between different cultures.

In the future, the world trade market is in a condition of full of challenge but also chance. According to Joseph S. It is good for the world famous media firms to expand their markets in different countries to extract profit. The movies like Avatar and Titanic are examples of this. By giving clear definitions of the two parts, and use the popularity of Hollywood in China, popular TV programs and Japanese anime elements in video games as examples to show that globalization is equal to media cultural homogenization.

Sony is one of the seven major firms in the world media market. They behavior have tangible and intangible effects on the domestic politics. That is why the classic paradigm which assumes that the states are the only actors in world politics and that they act as units, require transformation.

However, the media cultural homogenization not only in the Americanization of the film industry, but also appear in some TV programs. The relation between the transnational and domestic politics have always been a very important issue.

Non-state entities have become new actors in the international arena.

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The situation has changed with the consequences in appearing new factors, which often work without a governmental control. Now those well-known forces are seem to be not the only ones which have an influence on the relationship.

I am talking about for example the trade, personal contacts and communication. However in the media industry, globalization can be seen as the equal form as cultural homogenization.

Globalization of Culture: Diversity or homogenizization?

According to Sinclairthe releasing of the third generation of PlayStation brought Sony to the first place in video game industry. It is famous for its video games.

The technologies further promote the Americanization in the world film field. Nye and Robert O. Most of them were Hollywood movies.

Globalization and Cultural Homogenization Essay

Take Japanese anime as an example. In order to satisfy the visual need for the Chinese game player,some Chinese on-line game producers also put anime elements in their games.

Under the background of globalization, the media culture makes the meaning of the globalization equal to the cultural homogenization. The trend of cultural homogenization is unavoidable especially in the media industry in the process of globalization.

The reality is not corresponding to this model anymore. Amazingly far so widely use of this key-term, there is not appear to be any precise, widely-agreed definition of it.

With the rapid development of scientific technology, IMAX and 3D technology has been used in the film industry. As a consequence, globalization makes media cultural homogenization a general form in media programs. Globalization leads to the media market dominated by particular corporations.

Because of their media products have the same contents, the world media culture also presents the trend of homogenization. It is present everywhere in public discourse. Keohane the attention was traditionally concentrated on relations between states. In the process of economic globalization, neoliberal ideology had spread.

There is no doubt that the world politics is changing. Some media corporations put the popular cultural elements in their own production and released in the world media market. From the page design to the organization of the content and the various functions of scheduling, the designing of many website have a high degree of consistency.

Audiences were attracted by its novel and exciting competition mode. Because of its exciting story and exquisite character, it has large amounts of fans around the world. It effects every sphere of our life- economical, political and social one.

So Americanization is a reflection of media cultural homogenization in the process of globalization.Globalization and Cultural Diversity Those who oppose globalization are especially sensitive about loss of culture.

But the American film industry does not contribute to the homogenization or Americanization of culture, argues Michael Lynton, chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment. This essay will discuss the definition of globalization and cultural homogenization, and the popularity of Hollywood movies in China, the phenomenon of convergence Show More Cultural Globalization: The Emergence of the Americanized World.

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Essay on Cultural Globalization ; Glocalization'' Research Paper. Does globalization weaken cultural diversity or does it foster it?

Effects of Globalization in Cultural differentiation 1.

Introduction. As some of us may know, the term “globalize” started being used in the modern times. Globalization and Cultural Homogenization. Essay on Cultural Globalization: The Emergence of the Americanized World Cultural globalization is a double-edged sword with both benefits and disadvantages to society.

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Globalization of culture diversity or homogenizization essay
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