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Unfortunately, the creation of the atomic bomb led to the Cold War, the Nuclear Arms Race, and the creation of numerous nuclear weapons.

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After an individual has worked so hard to achieve a particular goal. Additionally, the drive to achieve just one goal can lower the thinking faculty of anyone, because for that period in time you are focused on just one thing and you are fail to look beyond that one goal.

Overtime, the effect of success has been over emphasized, people believe that success is everything. He felt that was the end of life and that there was nothing else to work hard for. You can only enjoy your success when you combine your pursuit for that success with other important things as well.

Success is meant to be grown upon, not exploited or feared. All in all, success can become very disastrous even though many perceive it as Essay success can disastrous positive event in life. Everyone was comfortable with the current position, because they thought that was our best.

For example, my cousin, David read day and night in order to graduate with the best result possible from college. Throughout history, we have seen success used wrongfully in the hands of the unworthy. His success was the tragedy, suffering, and death of numerous Jews.

Even though the bomb was effective and allowed the US and allied forces to win the war, it massacred countless lives and devastated two major cities. In fact, success can sometimes have unexpected consequences.

His success in the country proved to be extremely catastrophic for the Jews. Plan and write an essay in which you develop your point of view on this issue.

In fact, success could also lead to a disaster and detrimental consequences. This proves to be just more disastrous to the individual than to anyone else, since it is the individual who will then sabotage his own success to return to his former comfort zone.

The misunderstanding of many is that achieving success is the resolution to every problem. Support your position with reasoning and examples taken from your reading, studies, experience, or observations. He promised Germans to regain all the land lost in World War I, to purify the German race and eradicate all Jews, and to bring Germany out of the depression.

Regrettably, if that was the case, we would live in a perfect world. Even though the bomb was successful in its immediate purpose, it became a leeway to the invention of many other deadly weapons. Can success be disastrous? If one reflects on the wise words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, one will never go astray: By the end of the war he had massacred 11, people.

Fortunately, we were able to attain independence by Decemberbut after that no one made any attempt to move forward. Furthermore, success tends to make one feel comfortable in a particular position. Also, when he lost the war and was captured and died, it led Germany to another period of anarchy and another change in government.

Unfortunately, it is a common misapprehension that achieving success will solve every difficulty in life, which is why many strive to achieve it. This problem arises mainly as result of high goal setting.SAT Sample Essay - Score of 6 The power of success can be disastrous when placed in the wrong hands.

Naturally, there are those who will always choose to manipulate conditions to succeed in their own endeavors, not taking into consideration the lives of those around them. We can see that success gained through kind and good intentions reaps success that is wondrous and honorable.

Thus, success is neither disastrous nor triumphant. Here is my essay.I tried to use upper level vocabulary and write adequate examples.I am not sure that my concluding paragraph was good ; i was running out of time and couldnt make up sth better ;) Please,give me a grade and tell me how to improve.I promise i will review your essay:} Many.

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Essay topics: Can Success Be Disastrous. Submitted by Smartboiz on Sun, 09/22/ - Success is the achievement of a particular goal or target after a period of waiting.

Overtime, the effect of success has been over emphasized, people believe that success is everything. So, they work hard day and night to achieve that singular goal that.

Can Success Be Disastrous

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Essay success can disastrous
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