Disadvantages of bollywood

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the family mold?

They bring to life the inanimate and it requires imagination. Majority of the Hollywood movies have nudity and sex scenes. Porn and violent films are popular because there is a demand if the demand ceases so will the supply.

The movie, Glory, for example, depicts the soldiers in the 54th as recently freed slaves from the South when, in fact, they were Northern freemen. Just like a painter paints his imagination on a canvas, movie makers express their emotions, views, angst, joy and so on.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Movies

Addictions come in many forms and one of them is that of movies. Some profound inspirations are given to us by inspirational movies. Fewer students retained misinformation, though, when their teachers were more specific about the inaccuracies they would see, saying, for instance, that "the film presented it this way but it really happened like this It is always needed for a celebrity to have a good political repute.

What are advantages and disadvantages of speakers? Giving biased opinions and delving into half-baked truths leads to controversy and conflict.

Movies like Hostel, Saw, Friday the 13th and their kin are nothing but violent movies with unnecessary blood and gore. For a heads up on other historical errors in commercial films, check out this slide show at the Wash U Website. The actors, directors producers, singers are big names and bankable too.

You become a household name in an instant; you are worshipped, cheered and adored by the masses. Researchers concluded in Developmental Psychology that, "Every violent TV show increases a little-bit the likelihood of a child growing up to behave more aggressively.

More importantly, a compulsory short feature should be shown to educate the people of all ages about the truth and reality shown in the movies. It is a matter of luck that a certain newcomer or a struggling actor gets a movie which takes him to unscaled heights.

Movie based games do the same, thereby initiating a negative mindset. Marriage is the right and moral duty of every human being, but the celebrities cannot afford early marriages.

Similarly, when movies win certain awards it arouses within us an urge to shine in our respective field of work. For example, the Bollywood beauty Aishwarya Rai was highly condemned because of her post-pregnancy fats.

The movie is a social art form which brings together all genres of people even if they have different views about the movie. Such portrayals establish false notions amongst the people.

This is because a large number of people are doing the same thing. It becomes puzzling as to what is real and what is not? The pursue this elusive sheen is sometimes compromising on your character.

Fools, ugly people are distributed across the communities. Films are a platter of various disciplines, they show us history, culture, science, technology, politics and lot more. The underlining point is that watch only quality movies, your decision in abstaining from cheap movies will have a positive effect on filmmakers.

From the moment we indulge in watching a movie, we are transformed into a new world where our mind is at ease, it forgets everything and is concentrated at watching. How many of us know about an ordinary man who did extraordinary to save others? The film industry people are no more worried about public morality; they will show what appears instantly to the senses.

The government also needs to take steps to discourage and eventually stop the production of movies which tend to corrupt. Films do more harm than good and the good here, cannot negate the bad, unlike in the movies.

Such images and audio as found in these movies corrupt the senses, even of the adults. We know more entertainment celebrities than those who really make a difference in the world.

For them, it may not matter but for the ardent fans, it is a great setback. What a great way to make history come alive for students!Article and essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Movies, useful for debate, discussion, public speaking, essay writing, short feature and awareness.

Disadvantages Of Bollywood Hollywood has been a major influence for the film industry called Bollywood, which is based in India.

The Pros and Cons of Teaching History Through Hollywood

As years have gone by, Bollywood actually has begun to have a major influence on Western culture now. Bollywood is only a part of the Bhartiya film industry. The name is a portmanteau of Bombay (the former name for Mumbai) and Hollywood, the center of the American film industry.

Disadvantages of Internet In Learning of Engineering Students Researchers: Leader: Albert Deinla Assistant Leader. Bollywood movies as such do not have any advantages over hollywood Hollywood is great, unambigious,unequivocal,pertinent and has talented actors Bollywood is exaggerated, far -fetched, leanthy,unrealistic,monotonous,filled with explicit songs.

Sep 21,  · The Pros and Cons of Teaching History Through Hollywood By Debra Viadero on August 5, PM | 37 Comments Remember the Civil War film Glory with Matthew Broderick, Morgan Freeman, and. What are the benefits and drawbacks of promoting Hindi in India like the Narendra Modi government wants to?

Disadvantages of bollywood
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