Consumer attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products

Innovation, Development Sustainability, and Economic Growth also reported that there has been an increase in the number of counterfeit cases investigated in Malaysia as compared to the previous year which resulted in a higher value of confiscated pirated goods.

An International Journal, 15 1 Journal of Consumer Research, For updated fashion consumers, the more they like new trend, the higher they support to counterfeit goods Harun et al. We collected the data through quantitative method questionnaire.

Intention to Purchase Counterfeiting According to Fishbein and Ajzenintending to buy is the decision to act or psychological status representing for the awareness of individual participants and a particular behaviour.

In this question most respondent vote for disagree. SI5 most respondent vote for agree As counterfeit purchase intentions area is a sensitive topic, people might have been reluctant to answer the questionnaires sincerely. It can show that the consumer has a high appreciation with self-esteem.

Targeting buyers of counterfeits of luxury brands: IT3 got the highest rate for totally agree The Social Psychology of Consumer Behavior. An Introduction to Theory and Research. Status Consumption and Attitudes Consumers buy products high fashion to express class and individual images.

Price- Quality Inference Bar graph in figure 5 shows that integrity: Therefore, the attitude of consumers against counterfeiting goods is supported, then most likely they will have the intention of buying it and vice versa Nordin, Descriptive statistics Table 2.

Consumer Behavior 8th ed. Phau and Teah have found a positive effect of status of consumers to attitudes and intention to purchase toward counterfeiting product of consumers. Those consumers who have lower status, they have an idea of buying counterfeit goods to present a higher position Budiman, Forget the Real Thing — Take the Copy!

Nguyen Van Phuong and Tran ThiBaoToan found a positive relationship of social influence to favorable attitudes toward counterfeiting fashion products.


Research Model To study factors that influence attitudes toward counterfeiting luxury, this research will analyze the impact of factors of two groups: Hypothesis H5 is set as follows: Due to the method of convenience sampling in the collection of data and a limited scope of time, data could only be collected from 12 campus of University Kuala Lumpur around Malaysia.

Buy genuine luxury fashion products or counterfeits. I2 most respondent rate for neutral Bar Graph Bar graph in figure 2 shows that, BI1 got the maximum rate for totally agree Perceived quality and attitude on unwilligness to purchase.Abstract.

Designers’ creative rights must be protected in terms of intellectual property rights, but current legal protections for fashion design are insufficient.

The fashion m. Exploring relationship among factors of willingness of consumer toward counterfeit products in Pakistan. Us consumer attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products.

Journal of Textile & Apparel Technology & Management (JTATM) 8 (1). not moderate the social cost and anti-big business components of consumer attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products, gender does affect beliefs about the ethicality of counterfeiting.

Consumer Attitudes Toward Fashion Counterfeits: Application of the Theory of Planned Behavior

Keywords: Counterfeit products, fashion, gender. Antecedents of attitudes toward counterfeit luxury fashion goods Park, Hye-Jung; Abstract The market for counterfeit luxury fashion goods is proliferating across the globe.

Attitudes toward counterfeit products and counterfeit purchase intention in non- products. On the other hand, the findings state that attitudes toward counterfeit products, has significant effect on purchase intention.

This study may have some limitation due to population, sample size, number of studied This paper focuses on consumer. Download Citation on ResearchGate | U.S. consumer attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products | Counterfeit products pose a serious threat to the manufacturers and retailers of authentic.

Consumer attitudes toward counterfeit fashion products
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