Bill of rights and me essay contest

Because I have not had to experience what our Founding Fathers experienced. Jarred Kay Blog Feb 25, The essay must cover one, any combination or all of However, because of the First Amendment, I feel perfectly safe in practicing my faith.

Can I use sources beyond those provided to me? My interpretations were that I got to choose what flavor of ice cream to eat, what television program that I wanted to watch, and where I wanted to shop.

It is this primary amendment that gives America its aura of freedom, because if expression was repressed, oppression of the people would soon follow. The contest is open to students who are no older than 19 and no younger than 14 as of the end of the contest period. Constitution essay contest winners selected - Davis Enterprise Oct 21, The freedom of religion allows me to go to whichever church I please, and keeps me from being forced to believe any certain doctrine.

But, how does the Bill of Rights affect my daily life? Our First Amendment rights are unfathomable by those in many countries. In these different types of countries all of the members of a minority religion are in constant fear of what others might do. When you think about it, how incredible is it that the Founding Fathers wrote such comprehensive rights that would still be applicable on a daily basis over years later?

Every day I am guaranteed the ability to sit in my own home and do whatever activity I choose to do without being interrupted by a government force.

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The Bill of Rights, which may not entirely apply to my life at this time, gives freedoms that allow me to live a life that is led by me, not an overbearing government. Correct the bill of rights Few, if any, Americans would be okay with a police officer showing up at his or her door and demanding to look inside for no particular reason.

The Fifth Amendment protects people from giving self-incriminating statements. The Bill of Rights Institute is a c3 non-profit educational organization that works to engage, educate, and empower individuals with a passion for the freedom and opportunity that exist in a free society.

The First Amendment gives the freedoms such as religion and speech. We can write, blog, text, Facebook, tweet, and Instagram almost anything that comes to our minds without fearing the government. The American Freedom Essay Contest challenges educators to have their students Another important part of the Bill of Rights is the Fourth Amendment.

Freedom of speech gives me the protection and security to say whatever my opinions are, regardless of how the president or the governor or anyone thinks.

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The Ninth Amendment recognizes the other rights that we possess and grants that the Constitution will not restrict these rights. Prize money by ideal institute essay contest.

Amendment as an integral part of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Bend it like beckham essay writing services. It is just another "entitlement" in what most call an "entitled" generation.

If it were not for the protection against unreasonable searches and seizures guaranteed in the Fourth Amendment, one can only imagine the havoc that could potentially consume each day.

We will wait for your next order. While I do not have anything to hide, this amendment affects my life, because I know I can live in piece of mind, where I am not worried about anyone going through any of my personal belongings.The Bill Of Rights And Me Essay Contest We the Students Essay Contest - Bill of Rights Institute We the Students Essay Contest !

Over $20, in prizes! NFWL-NRA Bill of Rights Essay Contest Page 3 of 7 Section 5. The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article. Essay: Select a section of the 14th Amendment and write an essay applying its principles to a currently pressing issue facing our country.

The topic of the essay is, “What the Bill of Rights Means to Me.” We invite all middle-school students (public, private, home school and charter) in Onslow County to enter. Essay on Bill of Rights Words | 12 Pages. The Bill of Rights as it stands for the United States entered as a stems from a vow as promises so to speak was made by the Fathers of Confederation to the states during the effort for ratification of the Constitution in Bill of Rights Essay.

The Billl of Rights are stated in the first ten amendments. This bill contains the rights of; freedom of religion, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of petition, right to be protected from unreasonable searches and seizures, right to bear arms, right to not give housing to soldiers during peace time, freedom of the press, freedom to equal justice, and the.

The contest is open to students who are no older than 19 and no younger than 14 as of the end of the contest period. We the Students Scholarship Contest submissions will focus on the ideas of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and their relevance today.

Bill of rights and me essay contest
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