A report on a patch of blue a novel by elizabeth kata

Selina goes through many difficulties but she does become permissive. Gordon had wanted to give Selina a music box that his grandmother gave him, but the bus has already left, so he goes back to his apartment. By falling in love with Gordon, Selina alters into an understanding person.

A Patch of Blue

The thought that Selina is going to develop in to tolerant individual is expressed throughout this novel, especially after her encounter with Gordon.

Practically every event foreshadows this prediction. Gordon asks Selina to be considerate especially towards colored people. In the meantime, Gordon has contacted a school for the blind, which is ready to take Selina. Works Cited Kata, Elizabeth. While Rose-Ann is out, Selina runs away to the park and, with some difficulty, meets Gordon.

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He then tells her they will wait one year to find out if their love will lead to marriage. She responds that trying her best may be showing she will do. A Patch of Blue. Subsequently, Rose-Ann and Sadie decide to move into a better apartment, leave Ole Pa and force Selina into prostitution.

The two quickly become friends, meeting at the park almost every day. Selina tells him that she loves him, and knows that he is black, and that it does not matter to her.

Her mother is abusive and Ole Pa is an alcoholic. However, some of these individuals can transform into a tolerant person even though he or she were not one before. Selina has no friends, rarely leaves the apartment, and has never received an education.

Selina does not become tolerant until she meets Gordon, the person whom she falls in love with. Selina convinces her grandfather to take her to the park, where she happens to meet Gordon Ralfe, an educated and soft-spoken black man working night shifts in an office.

Explores how Selina learns to develop racial tolerance through her relationship with Gordon.

She dislikes dark-skinned people since she thinks they are like the color black. Selina may not have become easy-going if she is not blind because then she might not have met Gordon, the person who teaches tolerance to her.

This illustrates the point of view in which Elizabeth Kata is trying to show that no matter how painful tolerance is, it is still possible. Nevertheless, Selina does become appreciative for colored people when she understands that the most important person in her life is a Negro.

In the world today, some humans are tolerant whereas some are ignorant. This section contains words approx. Meanwhile, a bus arrives to pick up Selina for her trip to the school, and both friends say goodbye.Apr 09,  · Book Review; " A Patch of Blue" by Elizabeth Kata Books You Might of Missed.

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Elizabeth Hartman jt 18, views. # A PATCH OF BLUE: Filming Locations - Daze With Jordan The. Dec 04,  · A Patch of Blue is based on a novel by Australian author Elizabeth Kata. Beyond the racial taboos its deepest theme is about one person doing something good for another with no expectations in mint-body.com: Resolved.

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Dec 10,  · Watch video · These are real humans that emerge out of the script, and the central performances of Sidney Poitier and the sadly forgotten Elizabeth Hartman take the tender screenplay and deliver beautiful, deeply touching performances.

It is, simply put, a joy to watch them perform together.8/10(K). Summary: Discusses the book A Patch of Blue, by Elizabeth Kata. Explores how Selina learns to develop racial tolerance through her relationship with Gordon.

Explores how Selina learns to develop racial tolerance through her relationship with Gordon. With over million copies in print, here is a novel of great power and beauty in which a blind white girl and a black man beset by hardships find love together.

"Its impact will leave you gasping"Saturday Review Syndicate.5/5(1).

A report on a patch of blue a novel by elizabeth kata
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