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One consequence that we had not anticipated was that we replaced that early large fellowship of adults who had known one another for years, and that was perceived by most first-time visitors as an exclusionary clique, with what turned out to be close to 50 small face-to-face groups, each one of which had practiced the skill of welcoming and assimilating strangers.

I preach from the lectionary, and the last Monday of every month I meet with three other pastors for two hours. I also set aside two hours in the morning twice a week to focus on the sermon for 10 days later.

In 2 John the author is writing to a particular congregation to warn the believers there against giving aid or shelter to the false teachers in their ongoing missionary efforts.

Whether the loss of reward refers to the one who embraces the teaching of the opponents as opposed to merely permitting their teaching to promulgate [v. Schaller "My estimate is that I spend a grand total of about eight to 12 hours in the preparation of each sermon I preach," commented the year-old pastor of Emmanuel Church.

The fears of Apocalypses were first inspired by Christianity with its prediction of Dooms Day and the punishment of all sinners. Before we go on to examine the internal evidence in the letters themselves for clues concerning the opponents and their views, we need to look briefly at the external evidence relating to the background and setting of the Johannine letters.

If this is the case, and if we believe history, then Peter was in Rome around A. The Syriac work known as the History of John One further ancient work, the Syriac History of John, places the arrival of John at Ephesus quite early adding that his banishment took place under Nero.

The three main points of commonality that were their references points were the life and ministry of that sponsoring church, a willingness to leave the old and help to pioneer the new, and their long-term relationship with me and with one another. I also should add this whole process of organizing and nurturing these small groups has provided me with an abundance of themes for my sermon preparation.

Those claims are substantiated by the letter itself, as it shows evidence of someone who was an eyewitness to the life of Jesus. Thus we know the book has to be written before then.

Historically, this is also substantiated by evidence from early Christian writers. It is likely that this comes from personal contact the author has had with the recipients, and it cannot be ruled out that he himself is in fact a member of the Christian community to which he is writing.

Every quarter, we replaced five of the 15 with new faces and new voices, but most of these were people I had known back at that sponsoring church.

I often rehearse and polish it on Saturday or early Sunday morning if I feel the need and have the time. He obviously felt no need either to identify himself or invoke his position in the early church in order to strengthen his authority.

In my opinion, however, the same situation described in 1 and 2 John lies behind 3 John as well. Nevertheless, most NT scholars seem prepared to acknowledge that 1 John 2: We have already concluded in our discussion of authorship that there are no compelling reasons for rejecting the traditional ascription of authorship to the Apostle John.

Two years later, I decided that was a dumb idea. Pilgrim has to do with their position in the world, they are strangers in this world. They were evangelized by some unknown person. Some of these sound rather ridiculous.

Therefore, the book is written somewhere between A. In light of this threat, the author of 1 John is writing both to reassure and strengthen the faithful members of that community, and to warn them to continue to resist the proselytizing efforts of the false teachers who have gone out from among them.

In the popular imagination, however, the effect has been to create the impression that 1, 2, and 3 John were written to the church at large rather than a specific congregation or group of congregations with specific issues and problems.

That helps to explain why they dismiss the use of videotaped sermons by strangers as an irrelevant and passing fad. Before we jump into the text of 1 Peter we are going to look briefly at when the book was written and to whom the book was written.

Presumably those who have departed from the apostolic teaching about Jesus 2: One outcome of this process was that I was preparing sermons for people who had been together for several years. Five years ago, we expanded that with a new relationship with a sister church in Russia, and two years ago, we added a sister church in Guyana.

Evidence for such a destination for 1 John is very slim, and a reason for the author of the Johannine letters to address one or more of them to a region in Mesopotamia so far removed from Ephesus, where John the Apostle traditionally lived and ministered in the latter part of the first century a.

Subsequently, I expand my thinking to ask how those words speak to the congregation we call Emmanuel Church and to what God is calling us to be and to do in this world. What really happened was a 10 percent net increase in two years. This would be around A.1.

To whom is the sermon addressed? The sermon is addressed to the congregation. 2. According to Edwards, why is God wrathful? People are wicked sinners, and God’s wrath is infinite and arbitrary. The No. 1 audience for the sermon consists of the people who were here last week and last month.

That is the foundation for the conviction that the most relevant messages come from the preacher who is personally acquainted. To Whom Verse 1 gives us the answer: “To those who are elect exiles of the dispersion in Pontus, Galatia, Cappadocia, Asia, and Bithynia.” He is writing to Christians in these various regions of the Roman Empire.

This designation probably resulted originally from the fact that no specific destination was given in any of the three Johannine letters (e.g., as in Rom ; 1 Coretc.). In the popular imagination, however, the effect has been to create the impression that 1, 2, and 3 John were written to the church at large rather than a specific congregation (or group.

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The sermon is addressed to men. 2. According to Edwards, why is God wrathful? 3. The Sermon Addressed Essay Sample. mint-body.com whom is the sermon addressed? The Congregation that he is preaching to. mint-body.coming to Edwards, why is God wrathful?

1to whom is the sermon addressedthe
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