12 angry men juror #9 essay

Similarly other jurors also have personal commitments and experiences that predispose them to react to the evidence in varied ways. The unlocking of the door and the knife in the table that was critical to the fact-finding process suggest that prejudice has been dispelled.

I was very impressed. This is significant indeed, because it sets Juror Number Eight aside from the rest in that he is the only one that uses his brain and common sense, and not his schema, to emit a vote.

Similarly other jurors also have personal commitments and experiences that make them more likely to react to the evidence in different ways and many discount the seriousness of their legal responsibilities.

Rose implies that the defendant comes from a minority ethnic group, perhaps black or Hispanic and because of his dysfunctional socio-economic background, many believe that he is capable of murder.

Eight is so analytical, organized and compartmentalized in his thinking. Group dynamics The clashing of egos and the rising conflict among the jurors is reflected in the oppressive atmosphere of the jury room.

At stake is the fate of a year-old boy who is on trial for the murder of his father. The 7th juror is more concerned about the baseball match. Rose also suggests that the room and personal interests of the jury members make it difficult for them to sit for a long period of time. There was often little tangible evidence to prosecute such individuals — rather they were judged guilty by association.

Some background The McCarthy trials, named after the American communist-crusader, Senator Joseph McCarthy ss led to the prosecution of left-leaning intellectuals and artists accused of being Communist sympathisers.

Juror Number Seven is a brash salesman, Juror Number Eleven is a refugee from Europe who has suffered injustice, and then Juror Number Twelve works in advertisement and is a snob.

What is the background of Juror Number Eight in Twelve Angry Men?

The 8th juror believes that the boy has the right to a fair trial, even though he comes from a deprived and possibly violent background. All six jurors were women; only one was of non-white or Hispanic origin.

Typically, the jurors, who are all white males of around middle age, are not representative of the broader community, and many are hostile towards the young boy.

Twelve Angry Men by Reginald Rose

The case of George Stinney is also an interesting one. Moreover, he is the first juror to show humanity throughout the play. Personal narratives versus anonymity Think about the number system to identify the jurors. The critical role of the 8th juror Rose characterises the 8th juror as a spokesperson for justice who foregrounds the concept of reasonable doubt.

He often goads or provokes the jurors in order to gain a reaction: Rose also relies on a two-act structure. Former President Obama offered no opinion on the not-guilty verdict but did discuss the poisonous affect of racial profiling: He shows a more forgiving, compassionate and sympathetic attitude to the young boy.

He let too many things go. The 3rd juror is personally offended that his views are questioned. Some like the 2nd juror appear to be intimidated by the more vociferous ones.

He is a man of strength, tempered with compassion. He concludes that the old man manipulated the evidence because he sought attention. It is not irrelevant either, that Rose sets the play in the heady period of the s — a period of post-war migration and racial segregation in the United States.Jeffery Small 11/9/11 Ms.

Stephens 12 Angry Men Essay In the book “12 Angry Men” by Reginald Rose, a verdict of not guilty was given to the boy after the fact that apparently all the jurors except one thought that the boy was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

At the beginning of "Twelve Angry Men", Juror # He is an arrogant and impatient advertising executive. He is anxious for the trial to be over so that he can get back to his career and his social life.

Juror #1. Non-confrontational, Juror #1 serves as the foreman of the jury.

12 Angry Men (1957)

He is serious about his authoritative role and wants to be as. 12 Angry Men- Jurors 4 and 8 Essay. Words Jul 15th, 4 Pages. Show More.

Essay about Twelve Angry Men - Juror 3. 12 Angry Men - Juror#3 In a crowded jury room in downtown New York, opinions collide as discussion about the innocence of a young boy is decided. The dark and foreboding storm clouds that hang over the heads of the.

The Problem of Groupthink in 12 Angry Men Essay - The term groupthink in this report is defined as, the social psychological phenomenon that results in groups during pressure situations. This social psychology theory is broken down into eight signs. Juror Nine is an old man who wants justice.

He quickly comes to Eight’s side and advocates what he says. He plays a minor role in the story. Bringing the big screen to life with description and analysis of Juror #8 (Henry Fonda) in 12 Angry Men.

12 angry men juror #9 essay
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